Influence offers a community where confidence and fashion meet, to show you the person you want to become is closer than you think.

Influence was created off the feeling - the feeling that sparks when you put on your favorite outfit. The confidence that fills your veins when you look your best. At Influence we want to evoke the person you want to become, and show you she is closer than you think. Specially curated to bring out the bad bitch in you, and take back the power of clothing.

Each collection is carefully chosen to reawaken a new found confidence. The purpose of our limited collections is to keep things fresh. Each time you shop at Influence we hope that you fall in love with yourself all over again. Helping women to feel confident in their own skin is at the heart of our brand. Our goal is to uplift your spirits and show you that the person you want to become is much closer than you think. 

Be a part of the Influence.